First Covid, now Hurricane Douglas

So our local authorities are starting to whip up the population about what “might” happen with Hurricane Douglas. We’ve got all the “science” showing the models and tracks of the hurricane, and people are running around emptying the shelves of rice, spam, vienna sausages, toilet paper and water.

In the end, as has always been the case, we’ll probably just get a lot of wind and rain. But, if the worst case scenario does happen, the local authorities have no plan to deal with the consequences.

Scale all that up to a global level and what does it remind you of?

Don’t worry, Trump’s got your back.

We’re ready!

Well, wasted all that painters tape. What a freakin joke.

The only real wind was coming from politicians, govt officials, and the media, going on and on about what they think “might” happen, and how dangerous things could “potentially” be.

Corona and hurricanes are nothing… just wait til it rains space aids :sweat: Blim blam out!

The funniest part started around 9:00 am Honolulu time. All the local network affiliates, ABC, NBC, CBS, pre empted their regular broadcasts for day long coverage of this thing. Tsunami sirens were going off, Emergency Management alerts were blasting on the tv, phones, iPads, etc. Basically just total freak out mode once again.

They had camera crews on the neighboring islands, and around about noon when it was supposed to hit the northeast coast of Maui, the reporters were still sounding the alarm while standing outside with some rain falling down and the wind blowing. After a few segments with reporters talking about how dangerous things “might” become, with patches of blue sky in background, they stopped the live feeds and stayed with their computer models tracking the storm from the studios.

Government officials rushed in early Sunday morning and announced that UH would be closed Monday and all city and county employees would have Monday off because they were worried about employees driving to work because of all the debris on the roads.

I’m playing golf in a few hours. Nice to see our hard working state and local employees are getting another paid day off.

And these are the bozos who are going to lead Hawaii out the worst economic collapse in our history. But I’m sure they’ll get that right.

To be fair meteorology isn’t an exact science and cyclones can change direction quite unpredictably. We joke that weather forecasters look out of the window to get their script ready. I know there’s a lot more to it than that, but in areas with lots of conflicting air and sea currents/temperatures, looking into the future is kind of tricky.

If I was in the danger zone for those storms, I’d probably live in a concrete dome. Lessons learned from the Three Little Pigs. :smiley:

True … better safe than sorry. If it had hit Hawaii full on you wouldn’t be playing golf right now.

I do agree that there is a never ending Project Fear going on in the media. But looking at that photo above, it looks like @Toleolu did indeed narrowly escape being slapped to death by a unstoppable vortex of flipflops.

…did indeed narrowly escape being slapped to death by a unstoppable vortex of flipflops.

Flip flops or “thongs” or “Japanese riding boots” as us politically incorrect kids used to call them weren’t much defence [esp if very worn] against the dreaded “cathead” burr which resembles a miniaturised version of those old battle spikes that were placed on a battlefield to nobble cavalry charges etc.

They were everywhere, you were lucky to get through an entire year without copping one in the foot unless always wearing hard soled shoes. I somehow got one in the knee area, the spike broke off at the surface, I remember my dad digging it out with a pocket knife just before I caught the school bus one morning lol

Jeez man, why am I not in the slightest bit surprised that your f-ing plants are out to exterminate us too?!?!? Imagine those flying around in a typhoon!

Here we call them slippers.

When I was a kid in Oklahoma, we used to get things like those cat heads in our bike tires all the time. We called them goat heads, they looked a little different, but pretty much the same thing.

Regarding our “near miss”, again, everyone seems to be missing the point. This is Hawaii. We have earthquakes, volcanos, tsunamis, and tropical storms/hurricanes, we don’t need 7/24 coverage of freaked out government officials and media talking heads telling us what to do. We know what to do. Just tell us where the damn thing is and we’ll figure the rest out on our own.

What they don’t want to talk about is the plan, or the lack of a plan, to deal with the aftermath. Take out the piers in Honolulu, and we’re all waiting in line for bottled water and MRE’s for God knows how long.

Like Covid, everyone knows those piers are going to take a hit, it’s not an if, it’s a when. So what’s the plan when that happens? How is government going to “take care of us”. They freely admit that there is only two days worth of food on this island. When asked about the plan to deal with that, crickets.

Again, this is just the way things are in my little corner of the world. Your mileage may vary. :grinning:

Yes, and if frogs had wings they wouldn’t bump their butts when they jumped.

Did you really post a picture you found on the internet to counter how I said things actually were on the ground here?? That cracks me up. Where I live, it hardly even rained.

No, I didn’t.

All I said was, just be glad that Hurricane Douglas passed you by.

Or you wouldn’t be on the internet right now.

Well, this was just a Category 1 hurricane and everything around here is built to withstand a Category 1, at least they’re supposed to. But if the worst did happen, the internet would be the least of my worries.

Can’t control what the hurricane does, but you can control the aftermath. Again, everyone freaking out about a hurricane, but nobody talking about what we do after one hits.

I just find that interesting.

Caltrops! No really, caltrops. :grin:

Glad you’re safe and sound, T. Better to get a warning and not need it than etc. though huh?

Well, yeah, but also known as caltrap, galtrop, cheval trap, galthrap, galtrap, calthrop, jackrock, crow’s foot or “those old battle spikes that were placed on a battlefield” :grin:

Well, I see you won’t be hoisted on your own petard. :grin: