Explosion in Nashville

Seems a fitting end to 2020.

There was an explosion in Hamilton Ontario Canada too. Maybe just coincidence. The explosion in Nashville is reported to have targeted an AT&T building, which some people are saying is a data center. The Canada explosion is reported to be a steel plant.

@ ~2:07 some video missing? the shadows center screen change drastically

PoliteMostly peaceful explosion. It gave 30 mins warning and opened the door for this guy walking his dog.

It’s terrible, and on Christmas Day no less. :frowning:

But if it ends up being someone in Antifa than maybe the bricks were fascist, and the structure was a social construct or something.
Its not all that terrible. A warning was given and there wasnt dozens killed. Message sent, message received, eh?

Now if we can just pass some more common sense gun laws…

Let’s see what desires du jour are wrapped around this one.

Apparently the guy who did this was in the RV when it blew up. One of the cops said that he played this song from the RV: