Ex-Pfizer Vice-President Mike Yeadon

Ex-Pfizer Vice-President giving his take on the pandemic

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Well, he was actually the vice president and chief scientific officer for Pfizer’s United Kingdom-based allergy and respiratory unit until 2011, so as an actual scientific researcher, although not a virologist or epidemiologist, it’s worth look at what he said, but that’s where the problems begin.

In September 2020 he co authored an article claiming that “There is no biological principle that leads us to expect a second wave.”

He said in October 2020 that deaths by covid would fizzle out in the UK. That was at a time when the death count was around 45,000. Another 80,000 had died by the middle of March 2021.

He said that the pandemic “fundamentally… is over.” in November 2020.

He said that lockdowns don’t slow transmission. Sweden’s neighbors might have something to say about that. Australia has done incredibly well too.

In Spring 2020 a novel coronavirus swept across the world: novel, but related to other viruses. In the UK, unknown at the time, around 50% of the population were already immune. The evidence for this is unequivocal and arose due to prior infection by common cold-causing coronaviruses (of which four are endemic). This prior immunity has been confirmed around the world by top cellular immunologists. There is even a very recent paper from Public Health England on the topic of prior immunity and a wealth of other evidence from studies on memory T-cells, studies on household transmission and on antibodies.

Because of the extent of the prior immunity, and as a result of heterogeneity of contacts, once only a low percentage of the population, perhaps as low as 10-20% had been infected, “herd immunity” was established. This is why daily deaths, which were rising exponentially, turned abruptly and began to fall, uninterrupted by street protests, the return to work, the reopening of pubs and crowded beaches during the summer.

Yeah, and then another 80,000 people died.


Another 80,000 people had covid marked on their death certificates. Lots of people die every year in the UK.

Remember that other viruses disappeared and heart disease, cancer etc were also defeated less completely by this magical virus!!

I didn’t know that steroid inhalers that asthmatics get is an effective treatment. How much have our governments spent on advertising again? Not a peep about this cheap treatment? Still just self-isolate until you need hospitalised?

Mike is right about lockdowns actually
Lockdowns are way overated, with huge variations in the ‘success’ that they claim
If it works it’s the lockdown working, if not they did it wrong.

Apart from the 1st nationwide lockdown when they were still working out how to tackle it,
my state NSW has only really done the one targeted lockdown for northern Sydney since then
Which only lasted a couple of weeks or so
We don’t have any mandatory masks here anymore
If some covid escapes from quarantine, they usually just track it and squash it
Worst case scenario masks get made mandatory on public transport or shops for a brief period
Then they’re gone again
As close to normal as you get these days
The proof is in the results

Whereas in our southern state Victoria, they lockdown at the drop of a hat and it’s most always maskworld there
and they still get repeated outbreaks, much worse than their neighbours

They’re imminently about to enter another lockdown again, maybe tomorrow

Who would start a business down there now, or be a muso? You’d be crazy, destined to fail.
It’s gone from the best music scene in Oz to the worst.

I’ll be staying right here in Non-lockdown Central thanks
My mates are still gigging here

(and before drumshill obfuscates as usual, social distancing, hygiene and other measures AREN’T lockdowns)

I’ll have to watch this again, or find a transcript

Apart from learning some things about Yeadon such as being lead scientist at Pfizer and being able to spot data patterns before his peers,

the big takeaway was him pointing out the ‘variants’ only have a 0.3% difference from the original virus, which is negligible and won’t require new vaccine topups

As he states, the SARS-Covid-1 from 2003 was 80% different from this current one
And people that had the 2003 version and got blood tested still had T-cell immunity to the new version

His explanation seemed plausible of how antibodies are generally outside the cell while the virus is inside,
and thus antibodies aren’t as important as T-cells in fighting covid

He seems to be the only one from Big Pharma doing this
maybe the others want to keep working
Looks like career suicide

Here’s his 17 year history with Pfizer (from Bloomberg)

Lead scientist for the United Kingdom-based allergy and respiratory unit.

Anyway, he says lockdowns don’t slow transmission. So why doesn’t the virus keep spreading in spite of the lockdowns? Why don’t they fail to slow, and stop the transmission? Nearly every outbreak has been traced back to hotel quarantine, and the lockdowns have stopped every outbreak so far.

Just look at the charts of deaths in the UK vs Sweden and see that they are almost interchangeable, adjusting for population. That’s a piece of evidence that cannot be waved away. If lockdowns worked we would see something very different.

Why does Australia have such low rates of other respiratory diseases in any given year compared to Northern Europe? Why don’t they spread at the same rate? How do they self-contain without lockdowns?

Sunlight is a major factor in eliminating airborne virus, plenty of sunlight here, 236 days per year in Sydney e.g are either clear or partly sunny.

Lol, that’s funny coming from you! What other factors could be at play there?

Why did Sweden’s neighbors who locked down do so much better? Do they have an advantage like Australia does?

Not to be one of the fucktards: Mass depopulation seems pretty far out there.

What factors are at play that allows the UK to take credit for lockdowns working while still explaining the timing of both curves? Hint: we are not talking about the differences in deaths between countries here.

There does seem to be a drive to get everybody vaccinated for some reason, the uptake of the flu vaccination fell far short so now there’s this one. I think control is more likely than extermination, but the message that we are overpopulated and need to start eating flies or the planet is going to die has been drummed into the general population so who knows what some people see as being the greater good any more.

Certainly in the short term.
Once they have digital control via vaccine passports, it could go anywhere they want.

The Rockefellers are still around and active, they have a long standing agenda for depopulation.

Money and control, sure. Last I read, initial revenue was predicted to be like $15-30 billion. And more control is always being inched forward, so no doubt that this is being used to push control further.

What sort of control(s), though? Control through policy only, or something else even more sinister? For example, what do you all think of the long fought over link between vaccines and disorders in the autism spectrum?

I don’t know, it’s obvious that the WEF’s (planners’) fantasies are being fulfilled so control as in ownership of everything by the very few, everyone else renting from the few. With everything being digital it “makes sense” to have digital ID integrated into the consumer herd people to avoid fraud and enable tracking/social credit type systems. All for climate change reasons and saving fluffy puppies of course.

I have to say that the futurist in me likes some of that, but the ownership would have to be socially based and that’s not going to happen. Those who have fleeced all the money and power from this system shouldn’t be allowed near the next one, let alone be allowed to design and run the f-ing thing.

Plus, again for climate change, a “difficult decision” could be made to sterilize significant numbers of people, even if killing is too much.

Another interview

So Yeadon is now promoting the idea of flooding the Liberal Democrats party
as they have a policy against vaxx passports

All I really know about them is they were staunchly anti-brexit


The LibDems committed political suicide when they formed a coalition with the Conservatives a decade ago and rolled over for them. Then they ignored their voters who voted Brexit with their policy for ignoring the referendum and holding a new one. They voted against the Coronavirus Act but I don’t know what it would take for them to go from:

We have also supported, and continue to support, many of the restrictions the Government has introduced - including the lockdowns and face-covering requirements.

Why the Liberal Democrats voted against the Coronavirus Act

… to supporting that list. Having said that, it’s worth a flutter.

They should add to that list a push for funding a multi-faceted sars-cov-2 origin investigation.