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I guess I’m a couple of days into it now, and my head is spinning a bit. Jump on in. The water is fine.

The Silencing Of Dr. Judy Mikovits w/Dr. Judy Mikovits, Kent Heckenlively & Larry Klayman

Perspectives on the Pandemic | Robert Kennedy Jr. & Judy Mikovits (3 of 3) | Episode #12

Oh, she’s the one who had the run in with Fauchi and one of his henchmen when her boss at the time went on holiday and Fauchi tried to steal their research. There’s big money in the drug dealing business, so this kind of corruption is to be expected as much as character assassination of whistleblowers is.

The silencing of… and who do they amplify?

Like CNN, watching faucci get his vaccine shot was amazing. It was spiritual, it got my panties moist… everything rolled up into one…

A former Merck executive, Brandy Vaughan, on the vaccine industry. The interviewer speaks French, but Vaughan’s responses are in English.

Vaughan died recently, reportedly of unknown causes, mentioned here:

And here:

And a video from Brandy Vaughan some years before on experiences with intimidation tactics.

Dr. Brian Hooker on his exchanges with Dr. William Thompson (former CDC) and further research on links of vaccines to autism:

A transcript of a recorded conversation with William Thompson:

Bill Posey on MMR vaccine fraud and information received from William Thompson:

Dr. Andrew Wakefield on findings of safety of MMR vaccine:

By the way, the interviewer in that last video is Sharyl Attkisson: