Domestic Terrorism Bill 2021

So who else thinks a new ‘Patriot Act 2021-style’ Domestic Terrorist Bill is waiting in the wings now?

The Patriot Act was 95% Biden’s 1994 bill, virtually unchanged
Link to that when I find it
Edit: here…

Already seeing these types of articles appearing

And from late last year:

And the MOT is clamping down even harder than 2020 now on social media
multiple Syrian and Palestinian advocates have been banned
Israel untouched of course,
they even promote Israel for being ahead per capita for early vaccinations :rofl:
except they leave out the part where the aren’t doing Gaza, and only the jews in the West Bank are getting it.

I think they want to herd all the non-liberals off FB and YT and onto Parler etc
Stop any communication between the 2 wings, create vast echo chambers
Divide and Conquer strategy 101

Also just saw, Parler had their android app removed from the Google Play store,
and Apple are about to do the same unless they ‘moderate’ their forums
aka use their approved fact-checkers I assume

The Great Reset is ultimately about total control so I imagine the Jolly Through the Foyer™ being used to shoehorn a bunch more stuff through. Biden is pure war establishment so while they prattle on about “domestic terrorism” and pronouns they’ll be back in business with actual terrorism before long.

Boxing so many people into a corner with no means for redress of corruption is how we got here. Storm the Capitol is only a symptom of that, just the same as the Trump presidency. Talks of fighting ‘domestic terrorism’ sounds an awful lot like how the U.S. and allies created terrorism elsewhere around the world, the development of resulting reactionary groups, and how anyone against real allied terrorism became someone who needs to be dealt with, aka, the war on terror. Our corrupt political system, corrupt conventional media, and corrupt social media are effectively creating both real and self-proclaimed extremism among the population. The answer from corrupt organizations is always to deal with the symptoms, not to deal with the disease which brings about the symptoms.

What a lot of cunts.

The view of one person who entered the capitol building. Sound like a domestic terrorist to you?

Interesting to me here is that all talking points from government right now are centered around the event as being isolated from a greater context and talks of curtailing the ‘domestic terrorism’, not on what lead up to the event and preventing another event via addressing systemic problems.

The thing is that the powers that be would shit their collective panties if actual terrorism started up, the kind that targets the establishment. There will have been and will continue to be a lot of people getting created by the ongoing situation with nothing to lose, in their own heads at least.

In their heads? Just go start your own platform! Oh no… we must get rid of Parlor! We must identify everyone at the protest and get them to lose their jobs!

Someones boiling the water a little too fast…

Bullying is what causes school shootings, now watch the MSM / Social MSM bully people in real life and pretend no one sees whats to come…

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I meant “In their heads” as in the state of mind they will have been corralled in to, that they feel they’ve got nothing to lose. I agree that there’s a lot of gas lighting going on, that these situations are creating desperation on several fronts and that it’s dangerous.

Is there word on the street about a boycott of Amazon for their involvement in deplatforming Parler?

Greenwald on our government overreaching reactionaries

Biden bragging how he wrote the Patriot Act in 1994:


Alot of tarting going on. Isn’t there?

It’s funny how quickly Defund the Police has turned into foaming at the mouths for more police and deep state powers. It’s very easy to manipulate people.

Having said that, I wonder what the total international count is of agents of state or other interested parties in online discussions. The 77th Brigade in the UK alone has around 7,000 IIRC with another 25k or so in reserve. That’s not 7,000 online "ID"s, that’s 7,000 humans with lots of technology and bot scripts at their disposal. I have no idea what the total is for all agencies etc just in the UK, but it’s a lot more than that. Internationally it must be huge.

It’s easy to see how online content and opinion can be shaped with those kind of numbers involved.

Defund the police was always a stupid divisive slogan, but what was actually being proposed by most wasn’t the shutting down of the police force.

It’s well worth looking at how other countries reduce the load on the police by investing in measures that result a much lower load being placed on the police to deal with problems they aren’t well equipt to deal with, leading to less than ideal outcomes.

Duh. Still, people are getting manipulated into pushing for more extreme policing than there was before.

Do you think we need more censorship, more police powers to deal with “the rise of the far right”?

I saw it in full effect during the 2016 Democratic primary on Reddit. Any dissenting posts about election shenanigans were buried within seconds by what looked to be bot armies. One of the creepiest things I ever saw online.

All hail JP Morgan! All hail Chase!They took a knee! They like LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ! :clown_face:

Yeah, the PR/control machine is in full effect. You saw it with Occupy where the press couldn’t stop talking about the demonstrators having iPhones for some weird reason. They’ve managed to get it back round full circle by the looks of things. Now the Great Reset is in full swing and all talking points of the chattering classes will be used to full effect to get wars and more consolidation of billionaire wealth going.

Anyone not on board is a literal Nazi.

From where im sitting, theyre fucking up at every turn and waking more people up. Twitter stocks down how much? Amazon? Lawsuits? The more they censor, the more they parrot the same shit, the more fear theyre showing…

Did you see this? CNN and FOX both cut away…


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I dunno man, social media is literally flooded with drumphil-type bots saying the exact same shit. FB, Twitter and YouTubee are going to turn into fake-left liberal echo chambers at this rate. And the real leftists and right wing are getting spread out over Parler, gab, minds, odyssey etc.