Doctors against lock downs.

Some interesting reading.

Authored by 3 professors from Harvard, Oxford, and Stamford.

Over 30,000 signatures so far.

It’s good to see real scientists stand up to the lobbyist “science” that’s driving things.

Although the unfortunate reality is that this is a heist and the money, power and control can’t transfer with sensible policies.

It would be nice if they did some verification of their list of scientists and doctors.

An open letter that made headlines calling for a herd immunity approach to Covid-19 lists a number of apparently fake names among its expert signatories, including “Dr Johnny Bananas” and “Professor Cominic Dummings”.

The Great Barrington declaration, which was said to have been signed by more than 15,000 scientists and medical practitioners around the world, was found by Sky News to contain numerous false names, as well as those of several homeopaths.

Others listed include a resident at the “university of your mum” and another supposed specialist whose name was the first verse of the Macarena.

Sky News discovered 18 self-declared homeopaths in the list of expert names and more than 100 therapists whose expertise included massage, hypnotherapy and Mongolian khoomii singing.

The declaration drew widespread attention this week when it called for an easing of lockdown measures, allowing most people to return to normal life while protecting the most vulnerable.

Individual academics from the universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Stanford, Nottingham, Edinburgh, Exeter, Sussex and York were among experts from around the world who signed the declaration. However, the declaration’s website allows anyone to add their name to the list if they provide an email address, home city, postcode and name.

As if the odd non-accredited agent provocateur delegitimises the consensus in that report.

Consensus? Of people who agree with an idea? It’s kind of a self selecting group.

And, it’s not just “agent provocateur”'s who are the issue. It’s that anyone can claim to be a scientist, and that homeopaths are allowed to be included in the list.

If you’re going to tout the number of scientists and doctors who agree with something, it does actually matter who those people are.

It is clear from that list, that no effort has been made to confirm the identities of anyone on it.

There are legitimate scientists and doctors on that list, but if you’re going to use the number of people on your list as evidence of it’s importance, then you have some responsibility to verify their legitimacy.

You acknowledged that many in that report are University academics, so how about you sort the wheat from the chaff on that one.

How did that become my job? I didn’t make this list, and I’m not claiming legitimacy of the idea based on the number of people who signed it.

As if scientific analysis by academics from ten highly accredited Universities in the UK and around the world can be offhandedly dismissed as an “idea” :roll_eyes:

I find nothing dismissive about the term idea. I certainly didn’t choose the word to be dismissive of the scientists who agree with the declaration.


Did you read the declaration?

If so, what do you think of the points they make?

I have, and I think they are over-confident about the prospects for herd immunity, and the ability to keep it away from vulnerable populations while this happens.

We already know that some people have been reinfected after having already had it, and keeping it out of aged care and hospitals with it running rampant in the greater population may be impossible.

It’s yet to be seen if heard immunity is actually a thing with this disease.

If herd immunity is not a thing with this virus, then that means people will be getting sick and dying from this forever. So are we supposed to isolate ourselves from others forever? If so, then I’ll take death by Covid now, because that’s not my idea of living.

I think the larger point made is about how these policies will place a disproportionate mental and physical health burden on the less fortunate among us. Add to that the additional burden these people will face due to the economic damage that has been done, and I think it’s fair to ask, who are these policies really protecting.

I still can’t shake the feeling that had this not been an election year here in the US, this whole thing would have been handled a lot differently.

I see this mentioned a lot, without context
FIVE people to date proven to have been reinfected, worldwide

So 5 in 40 Million cases (reported), or a 1-in-8 million chance… 0.000008 %
Not really worth mentioning it’s so rare

Phil’s all about the showbiz, he likes to deal in exceptions rather than the rule, Hollywood style.

So, what would be your best example of heard immunity being achieved in this pandemic?

I ain’t seen it yet. What’s your timeframe? Do you have an example of a success story?

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