D Day

They must have been shitting their pants, unimaginable stuff.

Another unnecessary war, often celebrated in history as a great win for the west (another pack of lies). :grinning:

Yep, and of course whites did the vast majority of the dying yet are now relentlessly attacked bc something something.

I have no ethnic guilt whatsoever, anyone who sucks up ethnic guilt from a bunch of self important manipulative and hypocritical wankers is a moronic loser.

Quote from a forum poster elsewhere -

"They died in servitude of a government that used them like pawns and didn’t care about their deaths… all wars are like this.

They trick you into thinking it’s ‘heroic’ to die in war so that the sheep accept doing so.

I’ll sooner shoot the guy who tries to force me into the military… at least it’s my choice!"

Tell that to the Nazis and the other nations who joined their evil Axis (Japan, Italy) who started it.

Yawn @peter5992

If you believe that, you obviously know jackass shitola about WWII. Again here, context is everything (and there is a lot of it). Churchill’s war is a good place to start.

You think these guys just worked out a plan on where to play golf next?

Or you could start by Ctrl+F for ‘WW2’. ALL WARS ARE BANKERS' WARS! | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Or just keep on fetish’izing over how the troops sacrificed themselves for our freedom. They were deceived and robbed of their lives and well-being, just the same as in every war. Nevermind that big money from the west supported Hitler, supported Stalin (both were Time persons of the year), and the cognitive dissonance that might come with that. The whole thing was an evil tragedy, from suffering of Germans, Soviets, Poles, Jews, Japanese, Americans, Brits, etc., all for business and empire and gutting anything opposing capitalism. Even MANY Americans opposed capitalism back then.

On the big lie of D Day with some back context.

On the bombing of Japan.

On the Soviets defeating Japan, before the 'boys were dropped on Japan by the U.S.

The whole of WW2 is a giant bundle of lies, all the way down, D Day being something akin to a mother’s day created for the likes of Hillary Clinton. :face_with_monocle:

The Nazi’s were already defeated by the Soviets (and played as a pawn in doing so, as was the other way around with the Germans). Then in swoops the west to take the glory and rewrite the history of it all. Then over time, on to destroying what was left of the by then severely corrupted Soviet Union, followed with still running claims of communism failing to capitalism.



  • the earth is flat, and the sun rotates around it
  • NASA never put a man on the moon
  • Covid is a lie
  • 9/11 was a conspiracy
  • there are tunnels under NYC where Democrats are smuggling children to pedophiles
  • the lizard people control our brains

How do you reckon things really played out then?

And it’s strange how you never hear much about China (or Indonesia) in world war II. Is it not?

Well, those statistics include the Soviets killing 20 million of their own citizens.

Wasn’t that included in the briefing that the Kremlin gave you?

Gotta get those numbers straight.

They don’t include that, the max I can see from a skim that some historians attribute to Stalinist repression is around 9 million for that period. The military figures seem to be either in the ballpark or far too low too.

Max is around 42 million total, so around double that chart. Whatever way it’s sliced they lost a lot more people than we did.

The western allies didn’t really engage on the Western front until after D-Day June 1944

The highest number of German divisions on the Western Front was 79 in Jan 1945

The Soviet Union had been engaging since June 1941 after Hitler attacked under Operation Barbarossa

The highest number of German divisions on the Eastern Front was 195 in Feb 1943

It was above 170 divisions from April 1942 until Dec 1943

So in summary,

the Soviets had been in hard battle for 3 years longer than the western allies,

and Germany threw over 2.5 times the amount of divisions against them compared to the Western Front, and for much longer periods

so clearly they did most of the heavy lifting that broke Germany.


The Soviets also killed the majority of German soldiers:

So-called ‘socialism’ in the Soviet Union was more akin to something of a capitalist’s dream.