Complying with Tyranny

Is this guy right?
I think so. Which side of the fence do you stand?

It’s already gone too far for me. They have started fining people $1000 here for going somewhere not deemed ‘essential’, which seems somewhat arbitrary…no one is actually sure what is covered, and also no one can afford $1000 in the current climate.

Which I think includes music shops, mower repair shops, Bunnings for shelving etc…things offhand that I need to do.

My friend posted whether he would get fined for driving to pick up some weight equipment since his gym was closed… he paid online and the equipment would be left outside for him, no human contact. But the concensus (including a lawyer) was he could well be fined for that, it was up to the discretion of the police officer.

I understand people who cough or spit on people should be charged, and congregating together in public spaces like beaches and parks deserve a fine. But if you drive somewhere alone with a mask and gloves on, you’re not much of a menace in my book. Why are these shops still open if it’s illegal to drive there? Can’t exactly send in a mower or a speaker cab easily or cheaply.

Just to note, the curve has flattened heaps here already and the previous measures were obviously working well.

I usually drive 4 minutes to a bush setting where I can run up a hill, but apparently you can’t drive to exercise now. So I chanced a walk around my area’s streets…you never saw so many walkers this side of Atlanta. Ironically I would have had much less human contact driving the short distance.

From the start it went too far for me. Here in Germany where I live it’s very relaxed. In fact you would hardly notice any difference. I live in the countryside. Different in the city. Never see the police. Life goes on as normal.
No one is confined to their houses here which is just fuckin ridiculous anyway.

Well it seems our police are exceeding their lawful powers, according to some experts in law.

Well there you go then. Fuck them.

You say that but then you have to go to court and risk a larger fine.

I think most people aren’t seeing this as Tyranny, having genuine concern over a potentially deadly disease and agreeing to go along with a plan for slowing it, not because of a slave mindset but because it seems to make sense to do so.

But I do agree that each person has the right to make up his own mind on whether to comply with the plan, and government handing out fines where someone chooses not to comply is a violation of rights.

I’m fine with complying with the sensible laws to slow it down mate. The main problems are the coordination between states here, different state different interpretations…the stupid shit that comes with having different states in a country (I’m NZ-born so grew up with the nation’s laws applying everywhere)

It’s the arbitrary ones where cops were exceeding the power given them, such as fining someone for driving 30min to his nearest mountain bike trail, another where a driver had a surf while he was waiting for his truck to be loaded, and an essential worker got done for using an auto car wash.

I read an article today where all those fines were cancelled, another state Victoria has said it’s ok to drive a reasonable distance to exercise (30 or so, not so much 2hrs) and you are allowed to drive to shops that are open as they are deemed essential services.

So I screenshot the relevant part of the article and sent it to my phone, just in case I strike a cop like the above, and I drove there today. Great success :smiley:

My reply above was to the video in the original post. They guy makes it out as if there are only two sides to the situation, i.e, either you think like a slave or you cherish freedom.

But yea, applying any sort of regulation outside of the spirit of it is complete bs. That seems to be the rub with authority. It always ends up going too far.

Lol I already forgot about that video. :smiley:

I see heaps of people I knew that advocated for Syria, now cheering on fines, reporting neighbours and other more authoritarian measures, and calling anybody that has doubts about the measures deniers and conspiracy theorists. They don’t see anything inbetween 2 sides either.

And they like to call themselves ‘The Resistance’… that’s a fucking joke, they’d roll over for authoritarian law faster than anyone given the right excuse. The resistance is DEAD, they’re soft cunt drones now

That is a scary situation. And I can relate on other situations. As an example: At work everyone knows that certain popular drugs are pretty much completely useless. But the doctors have to request them, the pharmacists have to prescribe them, and the nurses have to administer them, because no one is willing to take a stand against it for fear of losing their job. The same goes for lots of people at work on receiving the flu vaccine as a requirement for work, even though there is no scientific evidence (as opposed to a CDC recommendation*) proving effectiveness to back up the requirement.

*Those healthcare facilities which choose not to follow CDC ‘recommendations’ have their ratings (scores) lowered and hence lose money in a number of ways.

My work offered us free flu vaccines with the idea they would protect you against having your immune system compromised already if you caught Covid-19. Then my colleague showed me a study that it increased your chances 30% of either contracting C-19 or getting the bad symptoms, (I forget which), and we both said Nah.

I’ve never taken the flu vaccine as I don’t get it, maybe a cold every other year but not bedridden flu symptoms…I haven’t had bronchitis since I stopped smoking back in 2001. NOT a fan of mass medication here, I prefer exercise and diet to chemical control. Not stopping anyone else though.

I could go on a serious rant about this…

It used to be policy that healthcare workers had a choice. You could opt for the flu vaccine, or you had to wear a mask all flu season. Wearing a mask was viewed as a punishment for opting out of the flu vaccine, and so very few people opted out. I opted out when it was an option. And if you ask me, it makes sense that if you work in a hospital during the sick season that you should wear a mask. It’s actually effective against a wide range of diseases, where by comparison the available studies on flu vaccines are often shady and poor at best. But now the policy has changed (and this is pretty much nationwide) that healthcare workers have to get a flu vaccine every year. Nevermind the masks, gloves, sanitizers, and common fucking sense. :grinning: Go get your miracle shot for one bug that might be going around this year among many others that are going around, and you can completely avoid all that mess. It is complete bs, of course. It is like if there were a mandatory shot for e coli (nevermind how scientifically ineffective it might be), it would be A-OK for workers at meat processing plants to stop wearing gloves and other PPE.

So when all this stuff with masks, gloves, sanitizers, distancing, and limited visitations started happening in the hospital, I was glad to see some sanity, only wishing that it applied outside of corona virus. No, I don’t like having to take all those measures, but it makes sense to do so. It’s a hospital where lots of sick people are coming to. And the same healthcare workers are tending to many sick people. And lots of other people are coming in and visiting these sick people, and hanging out in the lobbies, waiting rooms, gift shop, and cafeteria. And all of these people (healthcare workers included) are going back home to their families and friends. A hospital is like a big o’ infection jacuzzi, and everyone seems to be oblivious to it. And no, I’m not in any way a germ-o-phoebe. But where is the common fucking sense? When I see sick nurses (despite receiving flu vaccinations) tending to patients and talking to visitors face-to-face, I have to wonder what the fuck is going on.

" Efficacy and effectiveness of influenza vaccines: a systematic review and meta-analysis"

Can you provide some more information?

You should use sci-hub to get full papers:

They weren’t aware at that time that a significant proportion of the population is immune to all strains of the flu, so there’s no taking of this into account. More recent papers have no such excuse.

Well, please do inform me.

Could use some translation @Snooks:

The Police are saying abide by the rules keep2mt distance etc blah blah and the crowd are saying fuck you basically

Probably had enough lockdowns in their history already

A systematic review found that 3% of working adults who had received influenza vaccine and 5% of those who were unvaccinated had laboratory‐proven influenza per season; in healthcare workers (HCWs) these percentages were 5% and 8% respectively. Healthcare workers may transmit influenza to patients.

Our review findings have not identified conclusive evidence of benefit of HCW vaccination programmes on specific outcomes of laboratory‐proven influenza, its complications (lower respiratory tract infection, hospitalisation or death due to lower respiratory tract illness), or all cause mortality in people over the age of 60 who live in care institutions. This review did not find information on co‐interventions with healthcare worker vaccination: hand‐washing, face masks, early detection of laboratory‐proven influenza, quarantine, avoiding admissions, antivirals and asking healthcare workers with influenza or influenza‐like illness (ILI) not to work. This review does not provide reasonable evidence to support the vaccination of healthcare workers to prevent influenza in those aged 60 years or older resident in LTCIs. High quality RCTs are required to avoid the risks of bias in methodology and conduct identified by this review and to test further these interventions in combination.

Search Cochrane Library for ‘influenza vaccine’ to see more reviews.