Bubba Wallace Found a Noose in His Stall

Of course, every other stall had the same noose, except if you’re not Bubba Wallace it’s merely a hand loop on a garage door rope. And the loop is in every stall. And nobody knew that Bubba would have this stall. And the noose has been there for years.

But hey, it’s a noose, let’s send a couple dozen FBI to investigate.

Get it? It’s a noose, because HE SAID SO.

Then there were those nooses found hanging in a park. Even though they were exercise ropes put up by a black man, they will be pulled down.

So I’m guessing you see this as a mistake?

There’s a problem with people being primed to see everything as discrimination when there are more mundane, or complex reasons. Still it’s dividing everybody and keeping eyes off the billionaires, so it’s working!

These brothers figured it out before the FBI lol

around the 2:50 mark they show photos of the ‘noose’

Apparently those nooses are in every garage at least at this circuit, they are used to pull up the garage door from the inside. Somebody on his team mistook it for a racist symbol and that got the whole incident rolling.

Those two black guys above call it a prank, I don’t think so, I think it was more like a misunderstanding. Given the current climate, the redneck history of NASCAR (with confederate flags everywhere which were removed only last week) and the fact that he’s the only black driver, I can see how this thing can spin out of control.

Why do they have nooses to lift garage gates anyway. Oh wait, this is NASCAR, not F1.

It is kind of funny. People from the corners of the globe coming together in this thread to talk about some garage door opener somewhere that somebody found offensive.

But… since somebody finds the knot offensive, it should be banned!

You’re not from the US, are you? Aren’t you in Belgium?

Here in the US, a noose has a very specific meaning: back in the day, and still today, blacks are lynched and hung from trees. See picture below.

The noose stands for a racist hatred to blacks and lynchings. The noose and burning crosses were used by the KKK to threaten and intimidate blacks.

So for a black guy to find a noose in his garage ain’t just a “knot” like it might be for you or me (a white guy from Europe who emigrated to the US), it’s similar to the equivalent of a swastika being painted on the door of a Jewish home.

Yeah (I’m in Scotland btw) I do get that it can be used for hanging people, but it’s still just a knot with lots of other practical purposes. We should expect to bump into them from time to time in places where physical work is taking place!

I’ve read a bit about the history of lynching in the past, I see that 72% of lynchings in the states were of black people, mostly men I’d imagine, and that hanging wasn’t the only gruesome method used. The thing I read in the past was that affairs between black men and white women could result in the woman making a false allegation of rape, to protect her honour or whatever at the expense of some poor guy getting horrifically lynched.

It’s all very nasty stuff.

Well… that’s just objective common sense. Try to put a little right wing (I need to score a point) emphasis on there.

It is, and it’s still happening today, though these days it’s much less obvious. Below is an interesting article by a Dutch journalist from the “Volkskrant” who went to Mississippi to investigate a suspicious hanging of a young black man. “Mississippi hanging”. He won an award for his reporting.

It’s kind of long, but a great read, available in Dutch and English.

Sound dodgy, not remembering the story is a classic sign of having lied. And why would he have “been in jail” if he’d cut him down?

Yeah, he’s contracted himself several times.

And then there’s the half-assed police ‘detective’ work. They did not exactly go out of their way doing standard police work like interviewing potential witness right away, or keeping potential witnesses separate until after they have been interviewed.

And then there’s the fact that Willy had a limp right arm, which he couldn’t raise above his should. Kind of makes it hard to hang yourself, don’t you think?

Was it not an arm that could be easily dislocated and that looked dislocated to the mother?

Willy injured his arm during a football game. According to Eva (the white woman in the picture):

“‘They keep me for stupid. But I want to give them some other reasons to think about what happened. That boy could never have committed suicide, with his arm the way it was. Willie worked for us sometimes, picking trash up, and I have noticed he couldn’t raise his hand all the way up. I can’t see that boy tying a knot over his head.’”

Oh yeah, I was going by:

She didn’t get to see him until four days later. He had been embalmed and brought back from Pearl, where the forensic lab was located. She never authorized the embalmment, says Tammie. ‘I felt like they were trying to cover up something. I saw so many things that were wrong. He had two spots on his leg like he had been burnt. He had bruises and scratches on his back. And his right shoulder was out of place. He was hit once during a football game and that shoulder was bad since that moment. His arm could pop out of place when it had some force applied to it. Something must have happened.’

We’ll never know exactly what happened but it looks extremely likely that it was murder. Totally bungled forensics by the sounds of things too, which is all there is with closed ranks stories or “no comments” really.

Yeah, that is the point. The cops and authorities either willfully or ignorantly failed to do a proper investigation. They close ranks, and unless someone is willing to probe deeper, the story is “there is nothing to see here, move on.”

And this is a recent case, there are so many other cases.


“Victor Sengbe, who is black, told KGO-TV that the ropes were part of a rigging that he and his friends used as part of a larger swing system. He also shared video of the swing in use.”

I’m a bit wary of studying one side of a multi-faceted story because gathering evidence in this way inevitably leads to a distorted picture. A guy was tortured to death near me for being white (by a Pakistani gang) and there was apparently reluctance to promote the story in the media because the violence was not in PC-friendly direction. So when something else happens and the media push it everywhere, people can be forgiven for thinking the worst.

Whew… lets not show those videos… let the criminals go… it might cause racism… Speaking of racism… let me tell you about systemic racism and white privilege… 24/7…

I just heard Bubba on the radio. He said he never even saw the “noose”.
The interview was with Gayle King. She managed not to choke while saying “Bubba” haha

I have used those rollup doors. Making a loop is efficacious to door opening.

Hand Loop: Fits your hand. Has a fixed knot. When tied in a door pull, it is used for pulling open the door. Rope is strong enough to open the door.

Noose: Fits over your head. Tightens around your neck. Has a sliding knot, typically with 13 winds. Is strong enough to support a human body after it has fallen several feet.
Communist: Noose = Hand loop.

Gun: Made of metal. Fires bullets, etc etc.
Pop Tart: Made of flour and sugar.
Communist: Pop Tart = Gun.

I could go on. But I’m working in a “critical” business, unlike people who record rappers.