Boogaloo Man

What a total disgrace to the Air Force.

"In an eight-day span, an Air Force sergeant fatally shot a federal security officer and wounded his partner outside a U.S. courthouse and ambushed and killed a California sheriff’s deputy and injured four other officers, federal authorities said Tuesday.

In announcing murder and attempted murder charges in the shooting of the security personnel, authorities alleged Staff Sgt. Steven Carrillo, 32, had ties to the far-right, anti-government “boogaloo" movement and that the plot to target them was hatched a day earlier during an online chat with an accomplice and a third person."

From ‘Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo’.
What an odd choice of name for a racist movement.

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This shit is as organic as the ‘alt-right’… and the google trending looks the same too…

Ah but antifa, that’s irrefutable. :thinking:

Well, i wouldnt call antifa ‘organic’, but theres not much to refute… theres tons of videos of them over a few year span… they have a flag they wave so its easy to spot them… Strange that these boogaloo boys were never seen at protests… they showed up with a big MSM bang… but MSM and the Dems make claims that antifa isnt real… that its a figment of trumps imagination… then their hypocrisy kicks in… if you call the MSM enemy of the people… then its very similar to the nazis… but if antifa physically attacks the MSM… hurrdurr well theyre imaginary and theres no leader!

Antifa is retarded. Their tactics are fascist but theyre too stupid to see it… ffs… ann coulter is a nazi? Really need to riot to keep her from speaking? Those people are fucking retarded. I dont care what ann coulter has to say… she should have the right to speak. Antifa should have the right to speak too, but deep down inside they know theyre retarded so they dont use their words, they tip over garbage cans…

Stupid kids on one side, fucking psychopaths on the other.

I have to agree that the accusations of people being “nazis” or “far right” are so overused that they have become essentially meaningless to people who are aware how language is being abused. Same with “misogynist” etc. It’s all just divisive, inflammatory rhetoric.

Dont forget the psychopaths who are funding and steering the stupid kids… keep fighting the system… never stop to wonder why the MSM is greenlighting you… theres no time to think… you have the moral high ground because you said so… because its in your name! :clown_face:

Couldn’t resist googling it.

Ah man the 80s!!

So y’all are claiming that this racist boogaloo thing doesn’t exist? I had to wade through a lot of pix of guns, paramilitary memes, etc. to find the dance movie pic.

Yah, might have to check it out, that girl is HAWT. :smiley:

Godammit … here’s the whole movie. Hooyah.

Hmmm. Not hot enough to get me through this. :stuck_out_tongue: There may not exist sufficient hotness.

In related boogaloo news:


Awww. Remember when not fucking everything had to be racist and violent and horrid? Hey! You kids get off my lawn…

Boogaloo as a word has been around for years… usually refering to the shit hitting the fan… civil war… etc… never seen any group…

Its like the shtf acronym… its been around a long time… this is like suddenly someone claims that Shit Hit The Fan is some terrorist organization…

The people writing the script… whew…

Fred g is not Judders! Right, Fred?

Sooo… it does exist, you just say it’s not… organized. OK then, little hairsplitty for me. I mean, stipulating that it’s not a specific organization, just a what, like-minded cohort of people who want and are promoting and preparing for a race war, what does that change? And what about this compels you to deny it? Just curious.

That movie, lol. And the music! Should’ve killed hip hop stone dead.

Ha… race war… yes… definately cant find thousands of examples of it being used for gun rights… ATF showing up… or the left/right…

Like minded people… haha… anyone who uses slang terms is part of an organization… welcome to 2020 homie…

Absolutely. I’m funnier, he’s better looking… I’m guessing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thousands of examples of what? The thing that doesn’t exist?

The thing that doesn’t exist is specifically not an organization, right? Already stipulated.

Sorry, my bad, I’ll use your preferred term of “civil war”. Which would happen because why?

Meaning what?

He’s not making hardly any sense at all anymore. I think I broke him.

Stop that bickering with fred g and watch that electric boogaloo movie.

You’re wasting your time bitching and bickering with some guy you never met and probably never will.

Seriously, it’s fucking terrific. What an 80s blast.