BigTech Censorshp Tightening

It’s starting to kick up a notch now on Youtube and Facebook.
They don’t give reasons for the bans, and the ‘appeal process’ is an illusion

It’s almost always for either mentioning Israel in a bad light, or covid info against the mainstream narrative, or both.
I’m betting there’s an Israeli troll farm dedicated to finding and reporting said videos, probably a WEF aligned one also.
We’re going to end up with CONTROLLED OPPOSITION ONLY left standing.

Recent Deletions:

The Last American Vagabond - [likely reason, his recent documenting of Sweden’s reality and also masks studies. ]

Know More News - [Israel is his main topic…he’s on last strike so he deleted all his videos to defer that]

I called it when Alex Jones got banned last year, that he was just the first and it would extend to all activists eventually
True News, a christian channel that outed Israel relentlessly, was another one banned after Jones.

The liberal reaction generally is that they are private companies that make their own rules, and you can choose an alternative to their monopolies.
Kinda like saying you don’t have to use your city-supplied water, there are streams and creeks around.

They are government seed-funded orgs, lovechildren of the intelligence communities. The profits might be largely privatized, but they have always been backed by The Party.

Particularly now, they need to be seen to be doing the bidding of their masters to avoid getting broken up.

It’s no secret here in the US that the government used front companies to provide venture capital to a lot of these emerging tech companies.

I’m sure that was done more for their benefit than ours.

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Of course. DARPA, CIA, NSA designed google then let it loose into the world, while providing funding. Facebook the same.