Biden Admin

Along with Dick Cheney reported by CNN to be advising Biden on foreign policy,

look who else has been mentioned in dispatches for a comeback…

Sounds unlikely, but funny if true…

Guh. How about anyone under 60 for anything. Which leaves in Obama, but I doubt he’ll bite. If Hillary bites, well that’s her done, right? UN ambassador is a rubberstamp, yah? Kinda thing Trump gave to yet another woman who looks more or less like Stormy Daniels. Twice. He must have a long list. Definitely has a “type”. :laughing:

Keep hearing the Cheney thing, freaks me out if true. Ol’ Dick is generally reviled by Dems, supportive of people’s warmongering concerns, can’t imagine his involvement in a Dem admin except as a wartime consigliere.

That’s why most of us didn’t want Biden or Hillary either.

But you guys did your part in calling all of our good ones socialists.


Bevoss, myself and others here were and are in favour of a Tulsi Presidency, do you also want to thank those who made sure that won’t happen?