Biden Admin

Along with Dick Cheney reported by CNN to be advising Biden on foreign policy,

look who else has been mentioned in dispatches for a comeback…

Sounds unlikely, but funny if true…

Guh. How about anyone under 60 for anything. Which leaves in Obama, but I doubt he’ll bite. If Hillary bites, well that’s her done, right? UN ambassador is a rubberstamp, yah? Kinda thing Trump gave to yet another woman who looks more or less like Stormy Daniels. Twice. He must have a long list. Definitely has a “type”. :laughing:

Keep hearing the Cheney thing, freaks me out if true. Ol’ Dick is generally reviled by Dems, supportive of people’s warmongering concerns, can’t imagine his involvement in a Dem admin except as a wartime consigliere.

That’s why most of us didn’t want Biden or Hillary either.

But you guys did your part in calling all of our good ones socialists.


Bevoss, myself and others here were and are in favour of a Tulsi Presidency, do you also want to thank those who made sure that won’t happen?

VIctoria Nuland, the ‘bread lady’ of the Kiev coup, is back

Samantha Powers has made a neocon comeback with USAID,
which was routinely implicated in smuggling weapons in with their aid in Syria
and funding the jihadi-embedded White Helmets

She will even have a place on the National Security Council, where foreign policy decisions will be made.

Look at how the MOT gush over her

The latest cabal member is Rachel Levine, Assistant Health Secretary

‘Mr Monsanto’ Tom Vilsack is Biden’s pick for Agriculture Secretary

A board member of massive defence contactor Raytheon, retired Army General Lloyd Austin, gets the Secretary of Defence role.

But he’s POC/woman/or trans, so that’s all you’ll hear about from the woke MOT.


Looks like Israel will be able to ramp up the constant acts of war and war crimes they commit against Lebanon, Syria and Iran that nobody seems to have a problem with. I’d hope for a “say their names” campaign for the victims, but I doubt even Derren Brown could remember them all.

At least the locker room banter has subsided, eh? Those burning toddlers will be grateful for that, at least.

Apparently diabetics care less about the “mean things” Trump has said and more about Biden’s sky high markup on the price of insulin. Trump had made medicines much more affordable, must be that only “white people” are diabetic, right?

Otherwise there’d be MSM outrage and maybe BLM rioting in the streets…

Biden’s sky high markup?

Where are we at exactly?

The current system:

Sayeh Nikpay, associate professor of health policy and management at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health, emailed PolitiFact for a separate story on the Trump order. Her email described the program this way:

“The program was designed to allow community health centers the opportunity to raise some funds from the sale of discounted drugs to patients.

What this means in practice is that when an insured patient goes to the clinic, the clinic bills insurance and gets to keep the difference between the mandated acquisition price (usually about half of the full cost) and the insurer reimbursement.

Lawmakers have been okay with this because safety net clinics are federally funded and don’t typically have that many insured patients, so this should be happening on the margins.”

So, what has changed?

So far, nothing. Trump’s order hadn’t come into effect yet. Biden has frozen all executive orders that haven’t come into effect yet for 60 days.

What would happen under Trump’s executive order?

Community health centers would be required to sell insulin to insured people at the same discounted rate they sell it to people without insurance.

Would that be a good thing? Harder to answer. A small number of people will get cheaper insulin, and a small amount of revenue will be lost by community health centers.

The price of medicine, a lot.

Please do explain exactly what you’re talking about, and what it has to do with Biden?

Biden cancelled Trump’s EO for cheaper meds via international competition in the market, but as a totally corrupt mofo you already know that.

Exactly what are we talking about? Got a link? And, are we talking about the EO’s that have been suspended for 60 days while the Biden administration reviews them, or something that has been cancelled outright?

Weren’t you talking about Biden marking up the price of insulin, or is that a different issue to what you’re now talking about?

Your fake denial is bs, you better hurry up and seize Iran before the sheep decide that Trump was way less offensive.